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Iced Cocoa

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Hi friends, this will be a short post. I've been busy and last weekend I went to Shenandoah! Anyway, this is a simple drink that you can easily make at home, as long as you have cocoa, some sort of milk, and some sort of sweetener (and a freezer). It's perfect for summer. This recipe is adapted from Choki's iced cocoa.


-3 tbsp cocoa

-1/3 cup drinking water

-2/3 cup (split) some sort of milk. I used a combination of oat milk and heavy cream.

-3 tbsp honey

-Dash of cinnamon

-Ice cubes (I used 1 large ice cube that is probably the size of at least 4 normal-sized cubes)


Place your ice cubes in your cup. Then, put cocoa on medium heat, and wait. When the color of the cocoa darkens, add in the water and mix well.

Then, place the cocoa water in the cup with your ice cubes, along with 1/3 cup of your milk, and honey. Mix well.

Froth 1/3 cup milk and pour on top. Then add a dash of cinnamon and you're done.


I didn't make the neatest cup, but it was tasty. What you're seeing on the top is the frothed milk. Especially with the dash of cinnamon, this basically feels like hot chocolate in Christmastime, but for summer. It's refreshing, caffeinating, and cozy.

I made an entire video filming the making of this but my phone didn't cooperate and refused to take the video. Anyway, I hope you're having a good summer, more food to come soon on the blog.


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